🧩 visionary Escape Games by Justin Harris

🧩 visionary Escape Games

Play from your computer.
Single or multiplayer.
Using real-world tools like Chrome, Discord, Slack, etc.

Ready to enter an alternate reality metaverse filled with creative challenges, beautiful destinations, and unforgettable experiences?

Games start next week:

🔒 /vault

Your team, #agents, has been assigned to a critical covert mission. 
Your objective? Hack into Justin's vault without being detected. 
Decrypt the secured files and log out before the authorities are notified.

🚀 Launch Day

It's product launch day at visionary.enterprises. 
Oh no, it appears that Google Drive is offline!
Is there a backup? Revert to ... Browse all versions? Offline mode? 
Recover your presentation before it's time to go live!

🤖 The Age of AI

As Planet Earth continues to deteriorate, governments work in tandem with the largest tech companies to form The Assistant Accords. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri... I didn't understand you. Can you repeat that? Let's try this again. Mhm. I'm sorry, my system is malfunctioning. The fate of the world is in your hands now. Will you save it?
"By passing through adolescence, we've suddenly forfeited our desire and right to behave playfully ... or that event concludes, we really quickly default back to the status quo, where the three sanctioned activities are commuting, shopping and drinking lattes ... How do we fuse a playground mentally into the landscape and the architecture around us and provide experiences that are fleeting?"
Jeff Hull, Artist & Producer at nonchalant